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7 Reasons Why Your Hair's Not Growing

March 28 2022 – Monika C

7 Reasons Why Your Hair's Not Growing
7 Reasons Why Your Hair's Not Growing

It's wash day, and you've just finished giving your hair that much-needed spruce. You've finished towel drying, and you scrutinize tiny strands of hair, hoping that this time you've made some growth gains. But alas, you're left feeling disappointed. There could be a hundred and one different reasons you're not seeing the progress you visualized. Your Beauty Plug is here to simplify the process, as we've compiled the seven reasons why your hair's not growing.

1, You Are What You Eat

Now, you're all familiar with this phrase but how many of us actually pay attention to what we eat? If you're suffering from hair loss, stunted follicle growth, and lifeless tresses; we suggest increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you consume. Aim for at least five different portions, and have fun with it. Incorporate the various colors of the rainbow by eating papayas, melons, berries, kale, and carrots. Stick with it, and over time, you'll notice a massive difference. 

2, Lack of Moisture

Afro textures inherently need extra moisture. Failing to apply organic hair growth products to your mane can negatively affect your growth ability. But, of course, when we talk about moisture, we're also talking about drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

3, You're using too much heat

We love the versatility of our afro hair; it's one perk we simply can’t do without, but it also comes with over styling. If you're going to use heat, make sure you're using our special hair growth oil throughout your head and tips before using your heat tool, for that extra protection.

4, You're Constantly Fiddling With It

You might not think this rule applies to us afro-textured girls, but you're mistaken. Constantly changing your styles and not allowing yourself to stick with one look for more than a few days; is a recipe for disaster. But if you're the type of girl who loves touching their hair, then protective styles might be your new best friend.

5, Genetics

How many of you know that genetics plays a significant role in the DNA of your hair? One person's growth cycle will differ significantly from the next person. Some people may find that their growth cycle will take longer, and that's okay. There's no right or wrong here; it's just simply down to genetics.

6, You Need a Cut

Getting into the habit of cutting off your split ends will do your hair-growing credentials the world of good. So, if you're feeling hesitant about getting it cut, think of it like this: the more you lose now, the greater the gains. That should be enough to book your next appointment.

7, Stress

Stress is a silent enemy, and we don't even realize the harm we're doing to our bodies. The last thing you should do is worry about your hair. The growth process takes time, and you should allow yourself that luxury.

If you're experiencing stagnant growth, take a close look at our tips. Then, compare them to your current regiment and see what changes you can incorporate to make sure you're giving your hair the best care. You can also check out our natural hair growth products for good results.