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Which Scalp Issue Are You Dealing With? Dandruff Or Dry Scalp

March 08 2022 – Monika C

Which Scalp Issue Are You Dealing With? Dandruff Or Dry Scalp
Which Scalp Issue Are You Dealing With? Dandruff Or Dry Scalp

It may be no surprise to know that scalp issues are commonplace for many people. In fact, anyone reading this article may have experienced a hair issue at some point in their lives, whether it's dandruff, dry flakes, or even more severe conditions like alopecia. But sadly, many people feel uncomfortable talking about their hair issues, when surprisingly, these problems are often easily solved. But first and foremost, we need to distinguish the difference between dandruff and dry scalps.

What are the symptoms of dry scalp conditions?

Many people confuse dry scalps and dandruff with being one of the same, but on the contrary, they are entirely different. We typically characterize dry scalps as a symptom of lacking moisturization. When you don't apply natural hair growth oils to your scalp on a regular basis, you can expect to suffer from white, tiny, crusty flakes in your hair.  If left untreated these flakes become incredibly itchy and play havoc with your ability to grow your tresses naturally.

What Triggers Dry Conditions?

There are many reasons why your scalp is experiencing dryness. These triggers include existing medical conditions like psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis, or a sudden allergic reaction to a chemical or ingredient. That's why we're constantly recommending consumers to get to know and understand the ingredient list in all their products. For example, at your beauty plug, we only source the best hair growth oil for black hair to ensure we're not only treating your dry scalp condition but ensuring your mane remains free from irritation in the future. Another reason for your scalp condition could be a result of product build-up. This occurs when you've allowed lotions to get cakey and you’ve reduced the frequency of your wash days. 

What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff, often referred to as an overgrowth of Malassezia yeast, and is the leading cause of seborrheic dermatitis. All scalps produce yeast, but too much can cause dandruff especially when your body goes into overdrive due to stress. In addition, you'll notice that individuals prone to excess sebum are more susceptible to dandruff, the actual reverse of dry skin. As your dead skin flakes, it combines with your existing oils, making your scalp greasy and dirty. 

How Best to Treat Dandruff?

The best dandruff treatment is natural shampoos containing anti-fungal biological agents like zinc, tea-tree oil, clove oil, papaya leaf, rosehip seed oil, coconut oil, and organic jojoba oil. In addition, we recommend using our powerful combination of tea tree and natural peppermint shampoo for your dandruff alongside our best natural hair growth oil.

Adapting A Routine

Applying this powerhouse duo as part of your natural hair care routine will go a long way to ridding your scalp off troublesome flakes. We believe the best way to tackle this problem is a natural way. We do not advocate purchasing traditional anti-fungal lotions. Not only are they riddled with parabens and sulfates, but they end up being counter-productive to the issue we are trying to address.