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Expert Tips To Grow Hair Stronger Faster

October 25 2021 – Monika C

Expert Tips To Grow Hair Stronger Faster
Expert Tips To Grow Hair Stronger Faster

- Importance of Drinking Water to Maintain Hydration

- Gentle Massaging

- Periodically Un-Tangling the Hair

With the colder winter months fast approaching, the team at Your Beauty Plug has you covered. Enjoy our expert tips on the best ways to stimulate faster hair growth. Of course, these tips apply all year round, but we really recommend going all-in with these points to see real results. So, without further ado, let's get straight into it.

Your Beauty Plug's Expert Tips:

1, Stay Hydrated

Thirsty hair is nobody's friend, not least for Afro-Caribbean hair types. You may have heard this tip time and time again, and that's for a reason. Dry, brittle, damaged hair is only going in one direction, and that's down breakage lane. Keep your hair moisturized daily using oils, serums, milks, and hair butters to help lock in hydration. And don't forget to drink at least 2 liters of water every day. We're interested in caring for your hair holistically, both inside and out.

2, Practise Gentle Styling

We understand the need to adopt different hairstyles. Whether you prefer to tie your hair back into a bun, experiment with metal hair accessories, or love adding hair extensions, we get it. But if you're serious about growing your hair, we believe that keeping it simple is the best policy. Reframe from putting too much pressure on our scalp and roots with complex styling. If in doubt, remember less is more.

3, Schedule regular wash days

When it comes to fast hair growth, water, yes, water is your best friend. With product build-up, flaky scalp, and everyday dirt and sweat; we need to figure out a wash routine that best suits our individual hair needs. Our expert tip is not to go longer than two weeks without washing your hair. 

4, Take Time to Detangle

Let's banish those kinky knots with professional detangling. Grab your wide teeth comb or your Denman brush. Section small parts of your hair and take your time to detangle your hair gently. Regular detangling helps to prevent breakage and prepares your hair for the next style you choose to rock.

5, Adopt Sensible Protective Styles

Now, we're firm believers in the incredible benefits of protective styles. Not only do they look fabulous, but it's the perfect time to give your hair that much-needed break from styling. However, don't think because you've got your hair in box braids, twists, or under a unit that you don't need to care for your hair. Quite the contrary, you have to be extra vigilant not to let your natural hair get dry, dirty, or break from the root. That means being mindful of how long you keep your hair in any given protective style. Make sure you take it out if you notice any of the above signs.

5, Choose Healthy Food-Based Hair Products

Lastly, our expert tip number five is to ensure you're using the right products for your hair. You can have the best hair-care protocol in the world, but if you're applying toxic hair products to your hair, you're defeating the purpose. So instead, invest in the best buy using hair-care products rich in natural hair-food formulations like our best selling oil for hair growth. Enriched with organic argan oil, coconut oil, organic jojoba, and shea butter, you'll be drenching your hair with all the vital minerals and healthy ingredients it needs to thrive.

Well, there you have it. Your beauty Plugs top five expert tips for faster hair growth. And what better time to start than right now. So work on your hair now by adapting the above principles, and get ready to reveal those epic growth spurts for the summer of 2022.