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Quick Fix Methods to Stimulate New Hair Growth

January 02 2022 – Monika C

Quick  Fix Methods  to Stimulate  New  Hair  Growth
Quick Fix Methods to Stimulate New Hair Growth

- Applying Generous Amount of Hair Growth Oil

- Incorporating Fruits & Veggies in the Diet

- Maintaining Proper Diet & Nutrition 

It's  not  uncommon to experience  or suffer from  thinning or fading hair. Unfortunately, hair loss  can occur at  any age, any gender, or with some  health conditions.  We  understand how  stressful  and anxious  it  can be  to notice  any changes  in your hair's  appearance, texture, and quality. 

What causes  hair  loss

There  are  no single  causes  for the  onset  of hair loss.  Triggers  range  from  stress, diet, hereditary reasons, medical  conditions, or lifestyle  choices. But  there  are several  approaches  that  we  as  individuals  can take  to manage  the  situation and, most  importantly, restore  our confidence.

Quickest  Way  To Promote  New  Hair  Growth

We’re  firm  believers  that  prevention is  better than cure.  Therefore, we're vehemently against  normalizing tight  hairstyles  for women of color. Over time, these  tight  braids, twists, and cornrows  damage  the  follicles  and hair shafts  that stimulate  natural  growth to the  extent  that  new  hair can no longer form.

Instead, we  suggest  incorporating a  natural  hair-care  regime  consisting of oils like  rosemary, peppermint, or argan.  Apply generous  amounts  of your chosen natural growth oil directly onto the  scalp and give  your head a  vigorous  massage. Daily massages are  a  fantastic  way to induce  blood flow  to the  affected areas. In addition, it helps  revive  new  growth by providing oxygen and nutrients  to the  follicles.

Let's  discuss  our  internal  options.

When it  comes  to promoting new  hair growth, what  you put  inside  our bodies  is equally as  important, if not  more  so, than what  you apply to the  scalp.  When shopping around for vitamins, we  suggest  you look for those  that  state  hair, skin, and nails.  And the  reason why we  advocate  this  combination is  that  a  lot  of these  products  contain biotin. Biotin is  part  of the  B-complex family, also known as  vitamin B7 or H. It  helps  prevent  hair and skin from  becoming dull, dry, and brittle. One  symptom  of Biotin deficiency can be  thinning or fading hair. Simply adding this  vitamin into your daily disciplines  will  make  a  world of difference  to the  appearance  of your hair.

If you're  not  comfortable  taking supplements, you can find biotin in nuts, eggs, salmon, avocado, spinach, and bananas. Staying on the  diet  tip, any daily food routine  that  incorporates  lots  of fruit  and vegetables  will  always  be  good for you.  And finally, it's  essential  to be  vigilant. If you're  wearing a  style  and you notice  that  your hair is  beginning to fall  out, then stop.  Your hair is  always going to let  you know  how  it  feels. So, don't  ignore  the  signs;  instead, observe and act.

Final  Thoughts

With any thinning or fading hair, time  is  always  going to be  your best  friend. Let's  face  it, the  damage  to your hair didn't  happen overnight.  Therefore, we  are not  going to solve  the  issues  in one  day. Give  it  time, be  consistent, be  patient, and in time  you will  reap the  benefits.

Disclaimer: If you suffer repeated hair loss, fading, and scarring. Please  visit your doctor for medical  advice.