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How Does Natural Hair Growth Oil Help You Grow Stronger Hair?

October 31 2021 – Monika C

How Does Natural Hair Growth Oil Help You Grow Stronger Hair?
How Does Natural Hair Growth Oil Help You Grow Stronger Hair?

- Massaging Oil on Scalp

- Thoroughly Rinsing Excess Oil away

- Helps Prevent Breakage

Caring for your hair and providing it with everything it needs for stronger growth and a shinier look is more tricky than most people expect. Most artificial haircare products in the market don't contain all the elements that your hair is dying for, which is why oiling your hair is key to keeping it healthy and strong.

And since adding natural hair growth oils to your regular hair care routine is so crucial, it is important to know exactly why.

Helps hydrate your hair

Hydration is the foundation of health, whether that's in relation to your skin or your hair. Hair often times loses its moisture due to exposure to different outside factors such as pollution, and this can lead to dryness and further down the road, excessive hair fall. Oiling helps your hair retain its moisture, simply oiling three nights a week with coconut oil can reduce hair dryness by a mile.

Prevents Hair fall and Strengthens roots

A massage with a revitalizing natural hair growth oil once a week exfoliates the scalp, clearing it of dead skin and cells all the while nourishing your hair, this is essential in preventing hair fall and maintaining your hair growth and strength.

The clearing of dead cells and toxins also helps remove harmful bacteria from your hair follicles, which strengthen the roots in an unparalleled manner.

Tames Frizz

Natural hair oils are one of the best ways to control, excessively frizzy air, which is also often prone to breakage. Frizzy hair is generally caused by a mixture of reasons such as dehydration and nutrient deficiency, natural oils not only help lock in moisture but are also full of different essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, zinc, vitamin E, and magnesium, and these are exactly the kinds of nutrients your hair needs to stay healthy and strong, while also preventing frizz.

Protects your Strands from Heat

We all love to blow dry our hair every now and then or get those beautiful curl from curlers but these heat styling products can be quite a menace for your hair, as it causes it to become weak and brittle. Natural hair growth oils can be your savior as they can create a protective layer on your strands, acting like heat protectants. Essentially creating a barrier between your hair and the heat applied as many have a high heat resistance such as almond oil.

Replenishes Vitamin and Mineral stores

Natural hair growth oils contain all the minerals and vitamins to bring out the best that your hair has to offer. They prevent hair loss and thicken the hair strands by providing the much-needed nutrients, such as magnesium and Vitamin E, a lack of which is exactly what causes hair to become weaker in the first place. Natural hair oil massages are the easiest way to provide your scalp with the nourishment it needs. Oils have fatty acids that help replenish lipid stores in the hair previously lost due to external factors such as chemical treatments or styling.