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How To Manage Your Child's Afro Hair in 7 Easy Steps

February 19 2022 – Monika C

How To Manage Your Child's Afro Hair in 7 Easy Steps
How To Manage Your Child's Afro Hair in 7 Easy Steps

Managing your parenting responsibilities can be challenging for many adults, but throw in caring for your child's afro hair, and it's a whole different ball game.

Compared to European styles, Afro-textures need an entirely distinct set of maintenance rules. Whether your child is born with a full head of coils or only a few strands of curls, we believe in helping you nail down your routine.

The Do's and Don’t’s of your Child's Afro hair

Firstly, contrary to popular belief, we don't recommend you use the same shampoo and conditioner on your child's tresses as you do on yours. This rule of thumb protects new-borns and young children who have very sensitive scalps. Most adult shampoos on the market contain harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates.

Use An Organic Shampoo

Instead, we advise you to use a natural, softer shampoo, like our best organic shampoo for kids. Our shampoo is formulated specifically with your child's delicate scalp in mind. Your beauty plug's best organic child shampoo in the form of Lingonberry contains soothing ingredients like lavender and chamomile, perfect for your infant's scalp.

Don't Over Wash

Another mistake that many parents make when caring for their child's hair is to expose it to water too soon and too often. New-born babies don't need their hair washed in the first few weeks as they're still thriving from their mother's juices. Instead, we advise fortnightly washes once the initial waiting period is over, as your baby's scalp is still very tender.

Do Use Oils

Another heck that most parents skimp on is using natural oils for their babies. Our best-selling natural hair growth oil is light enough to apply a dime-size amount to your infant's edges and scalp. Secondly, use your fingertips instead of a harsh brush to gently distribute around their entire head.

Don't Be Tempted To Over Style

We all know how cute and cuddly your infant is, and you’re dying to add those adorable girly accessories to their hair. But we say hold fire and don't get caught in the temptation of using metal clips, elastic bands, and ties. It's way too early for that, simply apply your oil and leave the rest to nature.

Do Utilize Your Observational Skills

During the first few months and beyond, your child's hair will probably go through enormous changes, whether it's the look of their curl pattern, the moisture retention, thickness, or even the likelihood of bald patches and flakes. Regardless of what you observe, always remember that change is inevitable, and you should act accordingly, depending on the signs.

Do Enjoy The Process

Learning to embrace your child's beautiful texture, routine, and endless product choice will go a long way towards nurturing and fostering the self-love our afro texture brings. You will not only love caring for your kid's mane, but you will, in turn, pass that joy onto your child as they grow and learn how to make the most of their versatile, show-stopping afro-hair.