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The Ultimate Guide on How To Revive Your Hair For Spring

February 24 2022 – Monika C

The Ultimate Guide on How To Revive Your Hair For Spring
The Ultimate Guide on How To Revive Your Hair For Spring

Just like any long hibernation, your hair is ready for some much-needed TLC and seasonal spruce; after being covered up for most of the winter. So, whether it's indulging in hair masks, upping your co-washing game, or snipping of significant amounts of dead-ends, it’s time for the ultimate spring shake-up.

Why Winter Stresses Your Tresses

The winter months are undoubtedly the harshest, most taxing period for afro-hair types. Although, your mane will have seen better days, the endless months of wearing protective styles, practicing infrequent wash days, and having less exposure to natural vitamin D, all end up taking their toll. 

Expert hair connoisseurs understand the value of switching up their maintenance routine depending on the seasons. So, let's look closely at the numerous steps you can take to revive your hair in the build up to spring.

Step 1, Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you consume will do wonders for ensuring you fill your body with a healthy dose of nutrients and electrolytes. This added intake will not only enrich your body, but if you're consistent, you'll notice a significant difference in the appearance of your mane.

Step 2, No doubt, with the extreme weather conditions we've faced over the last few months, your supply of natural shampoos will have dwindled; stock up on the best natural shampoo online. Your beauty plug's best-selling, best buy natural pro shampoo Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil Shampoo 8oz. Our best natural shampoo ensures you are lathering your tresses with the right potent ingredients in tea tree and peppermint oil.

Step 3, If you can't go on your spring vacation just yet, nothing is stopping you from treating your tresses to a mini spa cation. By now, your dry, brittle and fragile ends are screaming out for a luxurious hot mask treatment. And we just happen to stock the crème e de la crème of hair masks. So, saturate your root with our best-selling hair mask, pull out your steaming cap, select your favorite play-list, and while away the hours with a lengthy treatment. If, by chance, you don't have a steaming cap, don't worry; a hot towel is just as effective. We suggest you leave your mask in for at least twenty minutes to replicate the spa experience.

Step 4, Cutting off those split ends that have accumulated over the winter months is a must. If left untouched, split ends have a way of continuing up to the entire shaft and beyond, causing irreversible strand damage. No amount of best buy shampoos, intensive masks, or oil treatments can make up for this damage. Let's address this issue once and for all and look forward with bated breath to that all-important fresh growth.


Your beauty Plug is ready to help you revive your hair for spring. We are the best place to buy natural shampoos online; we take pride in helping you achieve that healthy, sultry, sexy look you deserve, so shop with us today!