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Benefits of Hair Growth Oil To Get Stronger Hair

October 24 2021 – Monika C

Benefits of  Hair Growth Oil To Get Stronger Hair
Benefits of Hair Growth Oil To Get Stronger Hair

- Maintain Hair Hydration

- Helps Prevent Hair Fall

- Helps Reduce Frizz

Hair oiling has become one of the most popular methods of getting thick and rich hair that just has an unbeatable shine, it's the practice of massaging a small amount of oil into the scalp and hair to improve luster, hydration, and hair growth.

Not only does hair oiling soften the hair strands from the roots up but it also replenishes the hairs store of essential vitamins and minerals. These run low due to the use of typical shampoos and conditioners which can contain harmful chemicals.

But what method of using these natural oils gets you the most out of them?

Simply rubbing the oil is not enough, to truly instill it in your hair it is helpful to massage it deep into your scalp.

Gently heat the oil before using it and apply it onto the scalp while massaging it with your fingertips, keeping a regular circular motion is more effective. Next rub the excess of oil left on your palms onto the strands of your hair, down to the very ends, you may pour a little more on if it feels dry. Wrap your hair with a towel and leave it on overnight. Now all you have to do is thoroughly rinse your hair while showering the next day, to make sure that any excess oil is washed out. Use your normal hair conditioner afterward if needed.

This routine will ensure that most of the oil is absorbed into your hair and scalp, therefore ensuring maximum efficiency.

There are many hair oils you can use but the one that best induces hair thickness and growth is coconut oil, it leaves your hair looking healthy, soft, and radiant, plus coconut oil is full of vitamin E and antioxidants. The large quantities of fatty acids in coconut oil actually penetrate hair follicles and strengthen them, they also contain carbohydrates and different minerals that improve hair health and promote growth.

The next best oil for hair growth is, of course, Almond oil which is actually great for both hair and skin. Due to high concentrations of Vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants, and proteins, almond oil reduces hair breakage while strengthening it from the roots and promoting growth. In fact, almond oil is considered one of the best oils for speedy hair growth.

Last but not least, olive oil is the most versatile and beneficial oil one can add to their list of must-use hair products. With hydrating and protective properties, olive oil actually protects the keratin in your hair and acts as a natural, antioxidant-rich hair conditioner. The oleic acid in the oil locks in the moisture in your hair strands which makes it ideal for promoting hair growth and rejuvenating the scalp.

Add these easily found oils and massage techniques to your regular hair care routine and it is a sure-fire way to get thicker, smoother and shinier hair