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How to Make Those Curls Pop and Stand Out

February 28 2022 – Monika C

How to Make Those Curls Pop and Stand Out
How to Make Those Curls Pop and Stand Out

- Get bomshell curls you've always wanted

- Express yourself with unique looks

- Embrace your curls

- Following on from last week's spring-inspired revival blog, we thought we’d take the seasonal vibe one step further by discussing the professional ways to create bouncy, voluminous, sexy curls.

Why Everybody Loves Wearing Curly Styles

If you're the type of girl who loves to express herself, then curls can be your next go-to look. This incredible versatile style means that your hair doesn't need to conform to any outdated rules or hidden codes; you're free to go as tousled, unruly, and wild as you desire, all in the name of creative expression. And even if you fancy changing your look with a straight do, you're blessed knowing that as soon as you wet your hair, those gorgeous, fluffy spiral coils will bounce back as luscious as ever.

How To Maintain Your Wavy Looks

Despite the popularity of tight  coils, it's no secret that many females avoid rocking the wavy styles because of their high maintenance issues. However, to ensure your mane has a professional feel, we recommend following our tried and tested formula.

One issue that makes wavy styles so hard to maintain is the reliance on excessive products. Using numerous natural curl activators, mousses, gels, and oils, all take their toll.  And with this extra product placement comes more wash and co-wash days.

After a week of wearing your favored waves, you'll notice that your hair is dirtier and caked up with product residue. Our tea tree oil and peppermint oil shampoos are excellent for freshening up your mane before proceeding to re-style.

Tea tree oil is a tremendous deep conditioning shampoo that cleanses and rids your mane of all that messy product build-up and residue. In addition, our secret sauce conditioner will replenish hair’s natural oils after a deep clean. These oils are particularly essential for the overall look you are trying to achieve with your curls.

Furthermore, we recommend using our special hair growth scalp oil alongside our unique sauce masque and a Denman brush. First, separate your hair into sections and saturate a generous amount into your mane; spritz the entire head with water and use your brush to spread the product evenly. Next, sit under the dryer for 30 minutes; if you don't have a salon dryer, a hand-held blow-dryer will still ensure your curls pop.

Customer Feedback

The general feedback we've received from our customers has been fantastic. For example, one of our regular clients who purchased our tea tree and peppermint oil shampoo commented on how her curls really popped after application. She stated that:

"The Tea Tree oil and Peppermint oil shampoo made my hair feel a little dry, but the listed ingredients aren't really for moisturising. However, after applying your conditioner, my waves came back to life, and I'm thrilled with the overall result."

We're over the moon with this customer feedback; this is precisely the results we want for our clients. And with our organic natural infused formulations, your hair couldn't be in safer hands. Now you know you can step into spring with a curl pattern to be proud of.