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How Wearing Bonnet Benefits When Going to Bed

February 02 2022 – Monika C

How Wearing Bonnet Benefits When Going to Bed
How Wearing Bonnet Benefits When Going to Bed

- Moisture Retention

- Maintains the Hair Style

- Helps Prevent Breakage

When you mention the word bonnet, an image of a nineteen-century woman wearing a horseshoe-shaped hat spring to mind, but let's face it, these views are somewhat outdated. Because, for decades now, a bonnet, silk cap, head wrap, or turban has been a mainstay for black women preparing for bed.  

Different Styles

Our traditional sleeping accessory is a must-have for anyone with afro texture, curls, kinks, locks, and twists. In addition, a bonnet cap provides security and comfort for all your natural hairstyles.

Benefits of Wearing a Bonnet to Bed

Wearing an adult bonnet to bed ensures that regardless of the type of sleeper you are, your hair remains intact, frizz-free, and retains moisture.

Let's inspect the amazing benefits of wearing a 100% silk bonnet on your hair at night.

Maintains Your Protective Style

If you love wearing box braids, twists, single plaits, and so forth, an adult bonnet not only saves you time in the morning, it means that you can wear your chosen style for longer.

Prevents Breakage

It's not only our brains that need ZZZ's; our hair needs its rest time as well. Our 100% silk bonnet for sleeping protects your hair from dryness, preventing that night-time breakage and protecting and keeping your night-time growth.

Say Goodbye to the Bed Hair Look

Waking up knowing your hair looks fresh is a wonderful feeling. So, banish the frizz, fluff, knots, kinks, and overall bed hair look. Also, in the long-term enjoy saving money and time using fewer products.

Keeps Hair Hydrated

Afro hair texture is renowned for being hard to retain moisture. So don't allow your hair to be stripped further of hard-to-keep oils. A silk pillow isn't enough; simply pop on your silk cap, remove it in the morning, and enjoy retained moisture.

Prevents Tangling

4c hair type tangles easily due to its tighter coil pattern. Prevent knots, and shedding, throughout the night, allow new growth to stay intact, and enjoy less breakage when taking your hair out.

Go To Bed In Style

You can finally do away with the image of that old lady wearing a hairnet to bed. Our comfortable, expansive range of hair caps means you can mix and match your headgear with your night-time apparel; who says bedtime clothes aren't fashionable?

Our Cost-Effective Range

Your beauty plug stocks the most affordable range of adult and child 100% silk cap bonnets. For $10 — $20, you can purchase a hair bonnet in many colorways. And for the younger one, our best-selling gold and silk caps ensure a comfortable, safe, and snug fit.

Never underestimate the excellent benefits of wearing one of our silk night caps to bed. Of course, over time, you'll notice a need to use fewer styling products, and that can only be a good thing. But, if you're after healthy, clean, manageable styles, you don't need to spend a fortune; just grab your silk cap today sis.