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Hidden & Advantages Secrets of Lingonberry Shampoo for your Hair

February 06 2022 – Monika C

Hidden & Advantages Secrets of Lingonberry Shampoo for your Hair
Hidden & Advantages Secrets of Lingonberry Shampoo for your Hair

- Contains Vital Nutrients

- Nourishes Hair and Making it Flake Free

- Helps Prevent Hair Loss

For several years now, the world has awakened to the incredible benefits of super berries. Of course, we're all familiar with blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, acai berries, and cranberries. But, how many of you have heard of lingonberry, and in particular Lingonberry shampoo?

The Origins of Lingonberry

Lingonberry first came to prominence in the middle ages and originated from Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. These berries are often found growing widely in forests. However, people living in the U.S. can sometimes grow them in far north-eastern states.

Lingonberry, also known as cowberry, mountain cranberry, and foxberry, have a distinct sweet-sour flavor and stand out because of their scarlet red appearance. 

The Benefits of Lingonberry Shampoo

We all know how effective berries are for overall health, particularly for your skin and hair. But what makes Lingonberry so unique is its multiple functional capabilities. For example, they're known to have high vitamin and mineral properties alongside powerful cleansing and detoxing agents. 

Loaded with Vitamin C, Lingonberry feeds the hair follicles with rich anti-oxidants and stimulates blood circulation. 

Lingonberries also contain vitamin B, which provides enough oxygen to the cells and thus reduces hair loss, prevents the greying process, and provides shine and softness to the overall appearance of your hair.

Your Beauty Plug is delighted to introduce our Lingonberry 8oz Shampoo to our range. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, nourished, flake-free scalp. So, let's look at the ground-breaking ingredients infused into our shampoo.

Your Beauty Plug's Lingonberry Shampoo

1, Pro-vitamin B5 is our first secret ingredient. B5 ensures your hair gets that extra boost of moisture, volume, and shine, especially on your wash days. And for all my curly girls amongst us, this hidden powerhouse will make those curls bounce.

2, Our second hidden secret is Rosehip Seed Oil as it contains high amounts of Vitamin A & C alongside Omega 3 & 6 and fatty acids. This healthy concoction nourishes our scalp, prevents breakage, and keeps those irritating flakes away.

3, Combining chamomile and lavender's soothing nature with rich vitamin E properties makes all the difference. It's renowned worldwide for its thickening, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the distillation process perfectly complements the lingonberry fragrance.  

4, Our last hidden ingredients are eggplant, turmeric, and ivy gourd. Ivy gourd is known for its ability to remove scalp pimples. Eggplant is jam-packed with an abundance of minerals, such as iron, zinc, folate, and potassium, essential for growing and maintaining healthy hair. And turmeric helps prevent dandruff and hair loss. 

On a side note, we couldn't end this blog without mentioning the standout vibrant red color of lingonberry shampoo. It will undoubtedly add a hint of spice to your wash days.

So, there you have it, our countdown to the hidden secrets of Lingonberry shampoo, our latest addition to your natural hair-care range. If you're ready to experience the benefits for yourself, head on over to our shop tab now.