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How to Prevent Side Effects of Applying Heat on Hair

October 10 2021 – Monika C

How to Prevent Side Effects of Applying Heat on Hair
How to Prevent Side Effects of Applying Heat on Hair

- Thoroughly Washing of Hair with Shampoo

- Using Hair Growth Masque

- Applying Hair Growth Oil

For countless women of Afro-American descent, managing, treating, and styling our hair is a vital component of our beauty routine. Look around the average dressing table, and you’ll notice an array of moisturizers, conditioners, oils, gels, and hair food. And what about our styling products? You know, the ones we keep neatly tucked away in our draws. 

From hair straighteners to hot combs to curling tongs, you name it; we’ve used it all, in search of that poker-straight look. But, how many of us think about the long-term damage we are doing to our hair? Remember, the next time you see a poof of frizz and reach for the nearest flat iron, you’re breaking down and destroying your hair shaft, cuticles and halting any hair growth.

Our Products Provide a Natural Solution

We believe in adopting a healthy natural hair-care regime, and we’re going to show you how to achieve that desired blow-out style without using heat.

Before you start, make sure you have the following products:

Your Beauty Plugs:

1, Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo

2, Hair Growth Masque 8oz

3, Hair Growth Oil 4oz

Step 1, Thoroughly wash your hair using our peppermint & tea shampoo.

Step 2, Deep condition your hair using our hair growth masque.

Step 3, Finger part your hair into a minimum of eight sections; side note, the more hair sections, the better the straightening outcome.

Step 4, Again, take your beauty plug’s hair growth masque and extensively coat your sections from the root down.

Step 4, Take your wide paddle brush and detangle your hair. Keep going until you cannot feel any kinks and it feels soft.

Step 5, Take your satin wrap and individually wrap each one of your eight sections. Using the chase method of brush and wrap until you reach the end of your hair. Continue with this method for each of your sections and leave your hair overnight.

Step 6, The following day, remove your sectioned wraps.

Step 7, Voila, there you have it, your blown out or stretched natural hair look. To finish the style, coat your hair with a small pump of hair growth oil.

Side note: Your hair type will determine the level of straightness you can achieve. The more you adopt this hair-care routine, the longer and softer your hair will become. Remember, this is a natural heat-less technique, and as such, this process will take you a little longer.

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