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Want To Improve Scalp Health And Grow Longer, Healthier Hair?

September 27 2022 – kendall boone

Want To Improve Scalp Health And Grow Longer, Healthier Hair?
Want To Improve Scalp Health And Grow Longer, Healthier Hair?

Try The Aqua Ripple Formula!

The aqua ripple formula is built on the idea that small changes to your products, routine and understanding of hair health can create a positive cumulative effect on your hair growth, moisture retention and scalp health.


Well, because your hair health is affected by more than just the products you use.

But you can do certain things to achieve and maintain healthy hair and smooth out those ups and downs.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, sure enough.
But scalp health is often the last thing hair care companies talk about.

Even when we treat ourselves to a salon-style session, scalp health is rarely a topic of conversation.

This is why, when selecting hair care products, many of us focus almost all of our attention on how products benefit our hair and not our scalp.

If you combine that with the embarrassment many feel at conditions such as dandruff, we have created an environment where scalp health has become a taboo topic at worst.

(And an afterthought at best.)
Many of us dream of growing longer, healthier hair, right?

Well, then you should know that improving scalp health is the first and most often overlooked step in achieving that.

If getting those luscious, dreamy locks seems to be an increasingly difficult goal to achieve, you wouldn't be alone.

The consistent rise in pollution and man-made, chemical-laden products affects our scalps and hair just as much as it affects our oceans' health.

And the number of us experiencing scalp issues is increasing.

Now, not only are these issues irritating and often embarrassing, but they're also preventing us from growing longer, healthier hair.


It's more important now than ever to understand how our scalp health impacts hair growth and learn to care for our scalps effectively.

Healthy scalps generally create healthier hair faster.

Yes, that's right!

This is because every hair on your head is grown through an individual follicle.

Now, these follicles can become clogged and blocked, reducing the rate at which new hair can grow and causing itchy and irritating effects.

From dry skin to dandruff which vastly differs from psoriasis and devastating conditions such as alopecia many conditions can affect the scalp.

Each of these conditions can affect hair growth at different or multiple stages in the hair growth cycle.

"What is the hair growth cycle?" you wonder.

Well, it refers to the process each individual hair on your head goes through.
Not all of your hair will experience the same cycle stage simultaneously.
However, all of your hair will complete the cycle within its lifetime.

But get this:

The length and effectiveness of these stages are particularly affected by your scalp health. In turn, this is affected by the products you use on your hair in your routine.

One of the factors with the biggest effect on your hair health and growth is moisture. Thus, the better moisturized your hair is, the healthier it will be!
This is the
aqua ripple effect, the basis for our unique aqua ripple formula.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Phase One (Anagen):

The first phase of the hair growth cycle is the anagen or growing phase.
As you've probably guessed, this is the stage where your hair grows.
Everything from blocked follicles to nutrition can affect this stage's length and efficiency.

Phase Two (Telogen):

Next, your hair goes through what we call the telogen or resting phase.

Phase Three (Catagen):

And finally, your hair will go through the catagen or regression stage. This is where the hair is pushed from the follicle and falls out.

The regression phase can be affected by many conditions and is heavily impacted by hormones.

In fact, due to fluctuating hormones, many mothers find an increase in hair growth during pregnancy and an increase in hair loss in the first postpartum months.

One thing is certain, though:

All of these conditions affecting our scalp and hair growth cycle can also affect our self- confidence.


Given that most of us will experience at least one scalp issue during our lifetime, it's important to look after our scalps and our hair.

Even if you're lucky enough to not have experienced scalp issues, that doesn't mean your scalp health won't benefit from some love and care.

So, where do you start?

The first step to improving your scalp health is to identify any issues you're already facing and their causes.

Common causes of issues like dry skin and dandruff are often as simple as not getting enough moisture or having adverse reactions to hair care products.

A build-up of products not fully rinsed from the scalp can cause irritation, and frequently touching your scalp and over-washing your hair can cause oil build-up.

More serious conditions such as psoriasis and alopecia, however, often require medical diagnosis and intervention.

While making a change in your products and routine isn't a substitute for proper dermatological diagnosis and treatment in these cases, a simple change in your hair care products can make a huge difference in your scalp's condition, particularly if you opt for more natural and clean products.


Now that we've broken the silence on scalp health and know its importance to our overall hair health...

What should you do to calm the waves and maintain a healthy scalp and hair? Well, there are many ways to improve your scalp health and hair growth.
And the good news?
You don't have to spend a fortune!

In fact, the first tip I'll give you will actually save you money on hair care products, no matter which you choose:

Wash your hair less frequently.

Okay, it might seem strange for a hair product company to recommend you use less of your hair products...

But our number one aim before improving sales or raising brand awareness is to help people across the world, no matter their budget, achieve the hair growth and health they deserve.

It might also seem counterproductive, particularly if you have a dry scalp and want to wash away those irritating, itchy flakes.

But if you can persist and go longer in between washes, you'll improve the health of your scalp and hair dramatically.

This is because your scalp (specifically those thousands of hair follicles) naturally produces an oil known as sebum, which helps keep your hair hydrated.

This oil does an incredible job of keeping your scalp and hair healthy.
Overproduction of these oils, however, can lead to "greasy" hair and blocked follicles that

reduce hair growth.

But here's the kicker:

Washing too often actually leads your scalp to produce more of these oils.

It balances out your scalp's oil production to avoid greasy hair, but you'll still feel and see the benefits of your natural sebum.

The jury is debating the ideal number of times you should wash your hair weekly.

Some experts recommend a single weekly wash; others recommend that washing three to four times a week is better for the hair and scalp.

Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you.

You might want to wash more often than someone who doesn't if you:

●  Live in a highly polluted area

●  Work a physical job

●  Work out often

The trick is to find the natural balance between keeping your hair clean of dirt and pollutants and managing your scalp's natural oil production.

That might seem like a far-off dream if you currently have a strict routine that includes washing your hair every day.

If your hair gets greasy easily and quickly, it can be hard to imagine a world where you only wash your hair once a week.

...But it is possible.

I recommend gradually spacing out your washes over a number of weeks.

Eventually, you'll find a good balance between your natural oil production and your lifestyle.

And you won't have had to deal with weeks of greasy hair while your scalp adjusts to your new routine.

You'll save time and money on hair care products.

And you'll start seeing the benefits of a healthier scalp almost immediately.

Don't forget to pay attention to your technique when washing your hair.

Not only does gently massaging the scalp with your fingers feel good, but it also ensures your hair follicles are rinsed free of all those pollutants.

And while we're on the subject of rinsing, don't rush the rinse!

As I mentioned earlier, the cause of an itchy scalp is often leftover residue from shampoos or conditioners.

You can further beat the itch by using natural ingredients to support your scalp's natural oils.

That means cutting out the nasty, man-made chemical ingredients that appear in too many of our everyday products.

For those of us who don't hold a degree in chemistry, trying to separate the nasty chemicals from naturally occurring ingredients in hair care products can be difficult.

Many brands have made an effort in recent years to simplify their labeling.

Simultaneously, however, many others use clever labeling to create the illusion of a product being more natural than it actually is.


If you're unsure of what ingredients are detrimental to your scalp and hair growth, here's a handy, simplified list you don't need a deep understanding of biochemistry to understand.

Ingredients Detrimental To Scalp And Hair Growth


These cost-effective cleansing agents often cause that soapy lather in shampoo we've come to associate with cleanliness.

In reality, sulfates strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils, leaving your hair squeaky clean but ultimately dry and lifeless.

Stripping these oils also prompts your hair follicles to produce more, which, as we previously learned, can block hair follicles, leading to "greasy" hair and reducing hair growth.

This ingredient isn't actually linked to your hair health at all.

It acts more like a preservative, reducing the growth of bacteria within and extending the shelf life of hair and skin products.

While generally considered safe to use, this ingredient has been linked to tumors in cancer patients.

There's currently not enough in-depth research to list parabens as harmful or "cancer- causing."

But why risk it?

...Especially when there are companies like Your Beauty Plug that recognize the importance of fresh ingredients and avoid mass-producing products that require additives to extend their shelf life.


While that rose-scented shampoo might be tempting, any product that lists "fragrances" as an ingredient (especially without explaining of where that fragrance is derived from) should be used with caution.

If you’re prone to scalp and/or skin sensitivity, it's worth noting that added fragrances can cause irritation and reactions.

Artificial fragrances also often include the use of phthalates.

These are often used to:

●  Improve texture

●  Dissolve ingredients

●  Make fragrances last longer.

One such ingredient, known as DHEP or Bis(2- Ethylhexyl) phthalate, is already banned in Canada as it's shown to be harmful to human health.

The ingredient is still used in the US and doesn't come with a legal requirement to list the ingredient individually when used as an ingredient in added fragrances.

As we've proven time and time again, natural products can smell just as enticing and rich as their chemically enhanced equivalents, with a reduced risk of irritation.

That being said, we can still have allergies or sensitivities to natural ingredients.

Thus, if you especially have a known sensitivity, it's important to check ingredient lists on all your products carefully.

And for extra peace of mind, always patch-test new products before adding them to your routine.

Denatured alcohols:

When used regularly, alcohol can dry the hair and scalp. Dryness can cause irritation and itching...
And as such, it's best to avoid these ingredients entirely.


The final ingredient we recommend avoiding is one that many of us have a complicated relationship with.

Often found in conditioning and styling products, silicones coat the hair to create the instant glossy result we've become accustomed to.

They're also great at locking in moisture and protecting the hair from heat.

You might think that sounds great and we've lost our minds by telling you to avoid them...

But silicones also have a downside.

Not only does that tempting glossy protective seal just lock in moisture, but it also adds weight to your hair and prevents moisture from getting in.

This added weight is particularly visible when a build-up of silicones weighs down curly hair as the weight pulls curls down and prevents your hair from showing off its naturally occurring, beautiful curls.

Okay, now, it might seem like we've just about ruled out every hair care product on the market...

And yes, if you were to head to the supermarket and remove every product that contained any of these ingredients, the shelves would look pretty bare.

But here's the good news:

There are companies like Your Beauty Plug that genuinely care about improving scalp health and hair growth in the long term.

Not only have we removed the harmful ingredients, but we've also added a whole host of natural, organic ingredients designed to heal your scalp and increase hair growth for everyone.

So, What Natural Ingredients Are Good For Our Scalp And Hair Growth?

And How Do They Work?

Let's take a look at the best of the best in hair care ingredients!
Naturally, these are the ingredients you'll find in our
Special Sauce hair masque.


First up, we have avocado.

Avocado might seem like a strange ingredient to add to a hair product, I know...

But the naturally high levels of magnesium and potassium in avocado make it an important ingredient for healthy hair and scalps.

These minerals have been shown to help create shinier and stronger hair less prone to breakage.

This is great news if you're trying to increase your hair growth.

Including this creamy fruit in your diet is also great for improving your scalp and hair condition.

Aloe Vera:

Our next ingredient is aloe vera.

Aloe vera is a magical ingredient we just can't get enough of.

Not only does it leave hair smooth and shiny, but it's also a fantastic natural remedy for a dry scalp and itching.

Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes.
I know that sounds a bit complicated, but all you need to know is that they repair dead skin cells on the scalp.

This reduces itching, dryness and dandruff, all of which help promote hair growth.

Green Tea:
Green tea is a tasty and healthy choice of beverage, showing little evidence of any effect on hair growth and scalp health.

So why bother adding it to our hair care products?

Well, while drinking green tea has little effect on your hair, the same cannot be said for adding the extract directly to your hair care products.

The most powerful and abundant green tea extract is commonly known as EGCG.

This ingredient has been tested in several studies and is so powerful that it could even help reverse the effects of alopecia!

Results indicate that EGCG is particularly effective in reducing the effects of hormonal hair loss (something affecting millions of women and men every year by inhibiting the effect of hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone on hair growth and loss).

EGCG appears to also help stimulate hair growth by stimulating hair follicles and reducing damage to skin and hair cells.

What's more?

Green tea extract can improve nutrient delivery to the scalp, further improving hair growth.

It's one of our most valued natural ingredients for promoting a healthier scalp and improved hair growth.


The final incredible ingredient that sounds scary but isn't is MSM.

MSM is a naturally occurring compound found in fresh fruits, vegetables and even the human body.

It's often used as a supplement to improve skin, hair and nail health and is considered to have several other health benefits.

When added to your hair care products, however, MSM does something truly amazing.

This sulfur-rich compound has anti-inflammatory properties, which can be great for helping heal scalp conditions.

Even if your scalp feels completely healthy, MSM can still do wonders for your scalp and hair.

In a trifecta of hair benefits, MSM has been shown to help form the bonds needed to strengthen the keratin in hair, making your hair stronger and reducing breakage.

MSM also helps by increasing the growth stage of the hair cycle and reducing the resting phase.

Some things are key for us in producing effective and safe hair care so you can establish the best hair care routine for you.

These are:

●  Understanding key ingredients in your hair care

●  Understanding why or why not they should be used

●  Understanding how they can improve your scalp health and hair condition

After understanding the science behind all our natural ingredients, it's important to test them to ensure our products deliver the results we promote.

As you may or may not know, Your Beauty Plug is a small family-run business that has been quietly supplying the world with safe, effective, organic and natural hair care for a couple of years.

At the beginning of my hair care journey, my main driving goal was to create the right hair care routine for myself.

But when my daughter was born in 2017, I began to really understand the importance of hair and scalp health and the lack of information and natural products available.

You see...

My daughter was born with a mysterious scalp condition.

Not even dermatologists could figure it out.

We were left clutching at straws with many harsh chemical-filled treatments suggested.

But because we still didn’t know the cause, I was reluctant to test these treatments on my still very new and fragile baby.

That was when I began using my own experience and knowledge to seek natural treatments.

Finally, after hours of research, I created the perfect nourishing organic remedies to heal her scalp and encourage her hair growth.

You can see the results in the pictures below, which I took just six months apart!

Before using our hair masque:

And after 6 months of treatment with the hair masque:

The results of only six months of treatment using our Secret Sauce hair masque were astounding!

(Especially after little progress through suggested remedies.)

When I shared my story on social media, I was overwhelmed by how many questions and inquiries I received.

It was then that I decided there needed to be more natural alternatives available for people like my daughter...

And Your Beauty Plug was born. Since then, the business has expanded to offer natural, organic and gentler hair care alternatives for every hair type. The effects of natural, gentler alternative hair care have been proven and not just by us.


Want to increase your hair growth?

Want to improve your scalp health?

Then ditch the chemical-filled supermarket products!

Opt for natural and healthier alternatives like Your Beauty Plug instead for longer-lasting results that don't just leave your hair shinier.

Results that also:

●  Actively improve scalp health

●  Reduce adverse reactions

●  Are better for our environment