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Why Choose Your Beauty Plug

-The best hair food for beautiful you

-Our family-run business is the best at natural hair care

-Get eco-friendly, made to measure hair food today

Our quaint family-run business has quietly disrupted the natural hair-care industry for over two years, with our made-to-measure formulations and our superfood mix of organic ingredients. We understand that our customers want quality, natural hair food, environmentally friendly processes, at cost-effective prices.

Unlike our competitors, you won't find mass-produced products sitting on the shelf for months on end. We recognize that applying fresh, natural ingredients to our hair makes a world of difference for growing and maintaining long, healthy hair.

As a company, we have our eyes and ears firming focused on what our customers tell us they want or need. We place a large section of our business on consumer feedback. We regularly ask our customers for results updates and feature their hair growth journey on our website.

Our organization is vehemently against animal testing; we only use a cruelty-free range. We're also keen to be kind to the planet; all our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. Once you finish using the product, the packaging with either decompose or can be used again.

All-in-all, our company continues to work hard to not only care for your hair but provide healthy and holistic products that will keep you and your family safe for many years to come.